More info about Celestial Aura Healing (in finnish only)
Please message me via contact form (Form is in finnish)
Healing Prices:
30min 42€
60 min 78€

90min 108€
120min 148€
If you wish, you can receive a summary of my treatment afterwards by message or email.
You can also reach me from time to time at spiritual fairs. I announce my trade fair participations on this page.

Other services i provide:

- shamanic Drum treatment in your own room
- Nature walks with puppy
- intuitive painting
- service design (for companies)
- user experience design (for companies)
- mental coaching (for entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs, price according to agreement)

Mental coaching, remotely
- for travelers on the spiritual path
- for small entrepreneurs
- for those who intend to become entrepreneurs
Other services
60 minutes €60
90 minutes €90
120 min €120

Service design and user experience design for companies according to contract.

feedback from my Customers: 

"As a healer, Maija is versatile and skilled. With her help, it was impressive and safe to look behind the physical pain. By the way, Maija can also perform photosurgery, if your situation requires it. Warm recommendation for Maija's treatment sessions 
❤️ Ulla"

"The first healing where we went straight to the root causes and healed it."

"Hear hear, After my healing, a gate of creativity opened for me and I've been able to do anything and everything and new ideas come from that, just like that!"

"Extremely powerful healing. No new information, but a lot of important explanatory information and understanding."

"The treatment set a lot of thoughts and body processes in motion, there could be an order for another treatment."

"I have heard that your healings are quite strong and you sense a lot of things"

Energy healing and shamanic healing does not replace medical treatment. The purpose of these pages is not to offer treatments or treatment instructions that replace medical treatment. The information should also not be used to make diagnoses or treat any kind of illness that requires medical treatment. If the reader has concerns or questions related to the disease, they should contact a doctor.
In my treatments, I do not diagnose, guide, treat or cure diseases or other ailments that require medical treatment, but I focus on holistic, natural and energetic treatment methods. These can support other, medical treatment. The customers are ultimately responsible for themselves when using the treatments on my site. The user or reader of the information is personally responsible in the event that the information or methods are further disseminated or used for purposes for which I did not originally intend them.

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